Songwriter Girl Camp is a career changing experience
Want to record YOUR song during the recording session at camp, and go home with a REAL NASHVILLE demo?  We have 3 spots open! 

Email for pricing and details

We are excited to announce that one camper will win a GUITAR from DAISY ROCK! 


Left to right: Garth Giesbrecht, Kirsti Manna, Harvey Levy

Submit Your Song
For a Chance To Win:  

At each Songwriter Girl Camp, Kirsti holds a "Songwriter Girl Cafe" where 4 camp participants have the opportunity to perform one original song in front of music industry pros for a chance to win "Best Song of Camp." 

You must submit your song at least 10 days prior to camp. It will then be reviewed and if chosen you will be notified no less than 5 days before camp.  Only the 4 best songs will be chosen to perform- so submit your best! Please see below for more details on how to submit your song!


* A full Nashville demo of the song (recorded on Sunday during SG Camp)
* 1 hour mentoring session with Kirsti
* Official Songwriter Girl Swag
* Song critique with a top Nashville Publisher

Details For Submission:

**NOTE: For your song(s) to be considered for Songwriter Girl Camp Live Performances, you must be 

1. $15.00 entry fee per song (only original songs will be considered and must be 
performed by the writer) 

Click here to submit!

2. Submitted material may not contain offensive language or subject matter and must be submitted by no less than 10 days from Songwriter Girl Camp.

3. Applicant will be notified no less than 5 days prior to Camp start date if selected to perform.
Don't Miss Songwriter Girl Camp!

Hey all you Songwriter Girls!  Have you ever dreamed of getting in the room with a #1 songwriter? Want a chance to meet hit songwriters, music industry pros, network and perform your songs for Nashville publishers? Are you a lyricist, poet, or budding songwriter who wants to connect with other songwriters? Now you can - come to Kirsti Manna's 2 day SONGWRITER GIRL CAMP JUNE 21-22nd 2014 IN NASHVILLE, TN!

“Becoming a successful songwriter is no accident. I'm excited about sharing with you real and essential information gathered from years of first hand experience in achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a #1 songwriter. I’ve used these techniques to build a successful career and want to help save you years of heartache, trial and error on the road towards you becoming a successful "songwriter or performing songwriter" too!"  Kirsti Manna

Video: Songwriter Girl Camp

What Songwriter Girl Camp is all about

What You Will Learn:

* “I Wrote a Song, Now What?”
* “Songwriter Survival Tips” (or “How to Survive in the Big
Pond when you’re a Little Fish”)
* “The Truth Behind Copyrights”
* “The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Working Songwriter”
* “How to Have Fun and Keep Writing When You’re Getting Rejected”
* “Becoming a Great Networker”
* “OMG Moments!"
* "Stage Performance Troubleshooting”

       AND ALSO

* "How to Find Titles and Ideas"
* "How Writers and Publishers Get Paid"
* "How to Effectively Pitch Your Songs"

Those Attending Camp Will Leave With:

* more developed, encouraged and enhanced creativity
* laser focus on learning how to write better songs
* greater confidence as writers and performers
* the tools you will need to work in the music industry
friends for life

This is your EXCLUSIVE opportunity to NETWORK and MEET face-to-face with people who create and work in the industry.  You also get the chance to:

attend unique workshops filled with invaluable information to move you to the next level as a
* collaborate with other attendees 
* work directly with Kirsti.

What's New at Camp: A Songwriter Girl Studio Experience!

As a Songwriter Girl attendee, you will experience a demo recording session in a Music Row Studio with A list musicians.

If you win Best Song in Camp, your song will be on the session!

Learn how it all happens in the studio and experience:

  • how a song goes from a work demo to a fully produced track
  • how a producer and players capture the magic of a song
  • studio etiquette
  • studio tricks of the trade
  • how musicians learn a song they’ve never heard in just one listen 
  • a memorable Nashville experience 

*Three songs will be recorded on the session. 

*Best Song in Camp will receive a final mix via email within one week of camp. 

After the final mix is sent, any further changes to the mix will be 100.00 per hour. (1 hour minimum) 

Camp Details:

Come to Songwriter Girl Camp, June 21-22nd, 2014 at beautiful Scarritt Bennett Campus in Fondren Hall on Music Row, 1008 19th Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37212 (free parking available). Experience this two day life and career changing event! This is a one of a kind opportunity to personally meet industry pros, attend incredible workshops, perform your own songs, get stage performance tips, listen to successful songwriters/performers share their songs and secrets, while getting the chance to make new friends and co-writers for your next big hit! 

Meals are available within easy walking distance of the event. Affordable accommodations are also available at the Scarritt Bennett campus dorms (call 
615-340-7500 for reservations) but are not included in the purchase of a camp pass.  Other hotels are also located nearby in Music Row/Vanderbilt University area. Info on Scarritt Bennett found at and by calling (615) 340-7500
. Camp registration begins Saturday June 21st, 2014 at 9:30am with classes ending at 6pm. Sunday June 22nd, 2014 classes begin at 9am with camp ending at 4pm.  All classes and camp activities will be held in Fondren Hall. 

Call (615) 323-2915 or email if you have additional questions.

Observer passes may be purchased with the purchase of a camp pass. For more information click here.



It's only Tuesday morning and I've already put several of the tips I got
from Camp to good use - especially with my publisher - who might not retain that title for long!

At first I was skeptical about what the experience was going to be, as one of the very few attendees with only a faint recollection of puberty.  But it
was awesome! The entire Staff was so open, inclusive and generous that it
was easy to find my place.

Songwriter Girl Camp is a great thing and I hope it continues to grow and be
a safe creative space for girls of every age.

You did a good thing here.

Look forward to seeing you again.  (I'm going to try to come to the show Thursday night)


Dear Kirsti.

Wow. Inspiring, joyful, supportive, caring. Sharing all the inside scoops I cannot imagine any other way we could find out about.  Even the intimate performances by their "pro's,"such accomplished artists- just for the kids. Again, wow. 

Just to let you know how inspiring- Shayna took a turn singing her song Paradise at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge at the airport on our way out of town, to rousing applause. She got to see people stop on their way to their gates to listen, strangers stopped their meals to be an audience, even took her picture, and the singer said, "Already I can't get the chorus out of my head."

There is absolutely no way she would have considered herself a singer/songwriter, which is what allowed her to ask to sing, if it weren't for you all, and no way her mother would have recognized the possibilities enough for me to have given her the shove to get her on her way!  We'll NEVER forget this weekend. 

THANKS!  Hugs, Carol

Dear Kirsti -

I just wanted to again express my sincere appreciation and thanks to you both for your time & valuable training that you shared with all of the girls this weekend during the Songwriter Girl Camp.  As a complete novice, I was so totally amazed at what everyone was able to accomplish during the course of such a short weekend…For Holly, I really saw that it "de-mystified" many aspects of singing & song writing and gave her confidence in those areas.  Having been dancing, modeling, acting for years, she loves the art of performing and this weekend gave her so much excitement in an area that she has not been exposed to as much. The weekend also gave her a bigger "fire" within herself … She has already started working on an idea for a song that she started while there about a friend who passed away last weekend and also spent an hour after school & homework and before dance on vocal training.  What an amazing gift you guys have to be able to inspire young people like this!

For me, I was so touched and amazed by what I saw.  There were some girls and ladies there with tremendous talent and there were others just starting on their journey in this realm; however, everyone was so completely supportive and kind.  It was a great atmosphere & I was very pleased.  I see that you all care deeply about what you do and the people that you work with or just come in contact with…but, as a parent, it was so refreshing and great to see that first hand.  All of the girls not only left with more confidence & skill but also with a bunch of new friends!

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Angie Mettlen

06/15/2013 9:30AM-06/16/2013 4:00PM
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